DIS (or, the shadow of the dome of pleasure)
by Davis Schneiderman

The love child of William S. Burroughs and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Davis Schneiderman’s DIS (or, the shadow of the dome of pleasure), BlazeVOX (books), is more a work about the nature, function and form of words than the telling of a story even if that story is the nature, function and form of words.

DIS, the word itself, a slang derivative of a word synthesized beyond its actual intended usage, is an appropriate title for this masterwork of words, word usage and counter/popular culture references.

To begin the work Mr. Schneiderman introduces the reader in an introduction curiously dubbed an outroduction written by Henri d’Mescan, a Schneidermanian scholar of Mr. Schneiderman’s invention who chapter by chapter explains what the reader is about to read.

In chapter five, The Alamute Megalopolis Classic, Autobiomagictomsexmonkey by Thelonius Bosh, hero, antihero, author and antiauthor, of Mr. Schneiderman’s DIS, the reader is confronted by a Reader’s Contract whose primary supposition is: All previous contracts may be rendered null and void if “reader” will descend from his/her/its fucking high horse.

A footnote in chapter six, further adventures in, Autobiomagictomsexmonkey by Thelonius Bosh, informs the reader that: Joropo – Venezuelan ballroom dance in quick triple meter. Jubilee (Capitalized) – refers to a year specified by Papal decree granting indulgences to sinners completing requirements set by Rome. Ie: “X” number of visits to the Vatican. “Y” number of DebitCharge purchases of “My savior’s the Son of God and all I got was this lousy dogma” T-shirts, or “Z” visits to the “St Peter’s TrueCrossNet” official web site.

In the beginning, after the reader is led down the garden path of expectation and briefed on what to expect on the garden path, Thelonius Bosh is led, chased, captured and disemboweled with many scatological references of bodily functions but those primarily of scat, and many more priapic indulgences indulging in the male’s love of his own sexual identity, ie: his penis and it’s many functions and uses, for the reader’s pleasure, enjoyment and edification.

To read and perhaps understand Mr. Schneiderman’s DIS it is best to quote Mr. Schneiderman’s DIS from chapter two wherein the lives and or sexual exploits of those living such lives Mr. Schneiderman states: The sound of each succulent chomp resonates in a punctuated, splintered voice of artificially coded sound-byte thwacks.

In conclusion, as Davis Schneiderman’s DIS (or, the shadow of the dome of pleasure) concludes the reader must take note of certain implications made by the author in the concluding chapter, chapter nine, A stately pleasure dome decree, which state: The speckles linger in like-whited outlines, slightly drabber than the field of bodies proper. Maculations brand these cattle in lieu of name, birthmark coefficients for classification purposes and the sinister efficiency of data retrieval.

This said, the reader must draw their own conclusion concerning the nature, function and form of Davis Schneiderman’s DIS (or, the shadow of the dome of pleasure) entering into the experience of forward-thinking fiction grounded by classic fiction of the past.